Are you hosting or dining a Christmas party in 2019?

Well, it’s a grilling and grinding question for all the ladies out of there. Phewww… I know and you know it year after year. Most of us don’t know, if we are ready enough for the  christmas party this season. Are you done with  shopping for christmas party and did you get everything you need without breaking your back and your bank?  Well, if you haven’t don’t sweat a bit, because I have gathered some awesome deals for you and your guests for this christmas party. Well, I saw an article yesterday that a Fed Ex delivery personnel was struggling with a 150 lb delivery package as we are in the final days of shopping this holiday season. Yes, people are efficiently planning to get their  christmas party items home delivered and save time, yes that’s what I am talking about, everybody is rooting for  Go Online Shopping especially you have lot more to get done at home.

  •  Is your house ready for christmas party ? 

It’s the time for home coming, a lot of people travel from far and wide to stay over the holidays. Is your house warm and cozy enough for the guests, is it kid friendly, is the bathroom functional, is the heater working?  If you need and you are not in control of the situation , think fast get set and ready. Always don’t hesitate to ask for help, don’t get your pride come in the way of the work that needs to be d

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Please help me clean my House!! – Ever wondered how much time it takes to clean your house for the christmas party  from top to bottom. Yes, it takes a lot of time, energy and participation. I  know a lot of people taking a week off from work for the holiday season to get their house ready for hosting the christmas party. There are a few who hire professional cleaners if it fits within  their budget. But, that doesn’t mean that there are no solutions available for those who are sticklers to get their job personally done. Oh boy, its a nightmare for them,if they see a stain or a hair after all the work. Well, I have a solution for them, to get all the tough cleaning done more efficiently in a short period of time. 

  • Is your house cozy, warm and inviting?

                                              The ambience that we create in our house helps the guests to settle down for the christmas party and enable them to have  good and great time for memorable moments.  

    • Do you have the fireplace ready and get running that day? It’s winter and people love to stay cozied up in conversations. Yes!! they can’t help it and its better to have it cleaned out and  stocked up if it’s a wooden fire place and assigning a helper wouldn’t be a bad idea.
    • Do you have music playing?  Its definitely a mood setter and well some of our old folks definitely would likely to chime in singing the christmas songs.
    • Are you making a party plan, more like a one equivalent to trip itienary? Guess what  when your guests start pouring in, all your plans and ideas go south. Parties are one of those events when the most unpredictable can happen. This could be in a good way and god forbid not a bad way, which again can perhaps  spoil your weeks and months of planning. I have been there once, as i was hosting my daughter’s birthday party. I forgot to hand out the party hats!!! Can you believe it? Yes, its important to have as a host a clear idea of all the main events that you will be doing in the house that big day. Its your Showtime after all.
    • Plenty of snacks to munch on and I am talking about the entire christmas party day. People snack a lot during the holidays than during any other time of the day. So, let the appetizers and desserts come on.
  • My home is a ZOO..

Kids are especially the most tough ones to entertain, especially if they don’t have any one of their age in the group to interact with. Well, that’s not a problem as I have some amazing craft ideas for the kids to do this holiday season. I am sure they will be proud of their accomplishments and eager to show them around! Check out some of the crafts below.

  • Are you accident safe this Christmas?

Now that’s a million dollar question! Whether it be to drive on treacherous roads or to not fall and break your bones, there a million ways to loose sleep over night when you are hosting Christmas party. Its these times that i would recommend a good home owners insurance that can cover all unexpected pit falls that can happen. What does or can a home owner’s insurance typically cover this holiday season?

    • Damages to your home, including permanent structures on your property.
    • Damages to personal valuables that you treasure could be an antique or another priceless possession.
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