New Year’s 2020 Eve – Celebrate this evening with family and friends.
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New Year’s 2020 Eve – Celebrate this evening with family and friends.

Greetings Every one…

New Year’s Eve 2020 is here. 2019 went by so fast at least for me. It’s a new beginning with lot of new hopes and resolutions and memories that we look forward to make. This past year has been adventurous for me in numerous ways. I am very blessed in all many ways and I can’t thank almighty enough for everything. Since I have moved to the suburbs from the city, I figured I will do something different this year.  Well, be honest  not too eager to go outing on this  New Year’s Eve as it falls in the middle of the week. Yes, that Sucks!! So, I have come up with some fun filled and loving ideas to spend the last evening before 2020. Who is in with me to  make some quality family time, after all it’s a new beginning. How do you ring in the New Year’s Eve with little hassle?  I have come up with 12 different ideas to celebrate this New Year’s Eve and its fun filled and will be awesome. The prime time of the party is from 8 pm to 2 am. This is a decent amount of time before winding down with your kids. So, let’s get the party started and rolling. 

1. Sharing New Years quotes :

      Supplies needed: Piece of paper, pen and timer.


The game goes like this: Everyone sits around in a circle and each person writes down one motivating quote. There is a 5-minute idea time and after all the quotes are written. Each person will talk about their unique quote.

 These quotes are supposed to be inspirational and most importantly motivating for you to move forward in life. It’s an opportunity for everyone to reflect back on your life in 2019. It fills you with positive energy- more like a Can-Do attitude, obviously in a good way and help you deal with any negative or bad things that you may be exposed to as we enter new year’s 2020 eve.

I like to call this as an event starter game, as it gives one that positive energy for the new year which is very important. You will be surprised at some of the quotes that can churn out from this game.

2. New Year’s Eve Outfit:

Supplies needed: Clothes, face paints, brushes, hair  accessories                                            Photo by nastya_gepp

First part of the Game is the easier of the two.

Everyone will be split into pairs of two. The idea is each couple  has to write costume ideas or face painting ideas on a piece of paper. The papers are all folded up and shuffled into a mix.

Second part of the game: This is the tough one. The second part of the game is to go round the circle again and pick up from the mix one folded paper by each couple. You may or may not get the same idea that you wrote down  in there. You can’t share what you got at this point. But instead, you will be creative and dress up in accordance with the your secret note.  You will be given half an hour before assembling back. The team with the highest creativity wins the trophy. 


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3. Wrapping Paper Idea- Strike the Pinata-

Supplies needed: Tissue Paper, Glue Water, Flour, Balloon, X- Acto, News Paper, Candy, Scissors, twine. 


This is another amazing game that you can play for new year’s 2020 eve regardless of your age, after all it’ a great time for laughter, joy and fun. You can create a DIY piñata at home. Play  the music, blind fold each person and when the music stops he should arm the piñata with a stick. Oops be careful , move out of the way Folks!! The piñata can be hung from a pully if you have one and be dropped or pulled up by another person facing away from the hung piñata. This game will increase your appetite folks.

Please create a layout first. watch this video to learn customize layouts

4.  Toast the Champagne and drink alcohol-

As you approach midnight of new year’s 2020 , you can welcome new year with a toast and hug your loved ones There is also a tradition of a Midnight Kiss. Something that you can look forward to cherish for a long time. One of the New Year’s eve traditions say it that you spend the New Year’s eve with your boyfriend or girl friend or someone special to spend the rest of the year with them. It’s a great opportunity for most people to confess your love for each other and you never know to propose too. This moment is magical for newly Wed couples too as it will be their first New Year after the knot.

Photo by Image Team

Fun ways to ask, “ Will you marry me ?”

5.  Pop the bottles and Eat and Drink

You will be greatly tempted to rest your weight loss and dieting resolutions to the side. I am not joking as there will be plenty of food – Appetizers, Main Entrees and Desserts to dig into. The food will just keep coming to your my dear friend. You can rest your new year resolutions for a bit but it will be fun. So pop the bottle, enjoy your tequilla shots , beer, gossip, drink and enjoy!!!


6. New Year Traditions: You can get together with everyone to do some of the traditions for this new year’s 2020 eve.

  • Eating 12 Grapes at Midnight: Would you like the idea of welcoming the new year by eating one grape for every chime of the clock. This interesting tradition comes from Spain. Please be cautious as this can be a choking hazards for our toddlers.
Image by Couleur from Pixabay
  • Eating ring shaped treats such as Doughnuts symbolizes “coming full circle” and lead to good fortune of wealth and health. This can be related to a Dutch tradition where Olie Bollen are served. 
Image of Marjon Besteman-Horn via Pixabay
  • Apples dipped in Honey are a Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year tradition).
Image of cstpdx via Pixabay
  • There is a Holland tradition where toasts are made with hot, spiced wine. Check the recipe here.
  • New Year is also an excellent opportunity to regift or swap christmas presents . A second chance for you to regift and not to run to the store.
  • Exchange gilded nuts or coins to start a new year which is an interesting Roman tradition.

7. Party Hats

The party hats are coming in your way. Are you excited to celebrate this new year’s 2020 eve making interesting party hats for your friends and family.  You can be creative as you can get. This is a great DIY craft for both adults and kids.


8. Blow your Candles this new year’s 2020 eve. 2019 is Coming to an End! – The candles can be coated with glitter and blown off at midnight. Print the candles with decals and coat them with glitter and this is such an amazing way to celebrate the new year.


9 Ball Drop Game:

Participants must stand on a chair and attempt to drop ping-pong balls into a bucket on the ground behind the chair. They should face away from the bucket. Set up a timer and each player must successfully land three ping-pong balls into the bucket. The guests can be teamed up to ramp up the fun.


10. Whisper  to me game:

All particpants shall sit down on a circle. Write down ideas on a piece of paper and throw it into a bucket. When the game starts, each person will pick one sheet of paper from the mix and whisper the secret message to the person who will do the same to the person next to him. The message is essentially whispered and the message can be communicated clockwise or anticlockwise at a time. The last person to receive the message shall sit right next to the person who started the event. He or She will say the message out loud. The message you will hear will not be the one that was started off with .

There is another version of this game, where each player will act out the message from the previous person, regardless of what the message is, Communication is purely through expressions. Let the fun begin.


11. Fortune Seeker Game: This is more like a Scavenger Hunt Game, where the host of the party can hide a gift in the house and leave clues along the way. If you need clever tricks and scheme a plot, click image below.


12. Watching a New Year’s Movie:

An excellent way to wind down the celebrations of the new year’s 2020 eve without any hassle. What are some of the new year movies that you will be interested in seeing this year. Do you have any favorites ?


New Year Eve 2020 Decoration Ideas

So that’s that for 2019, dear friends. I want to thank you for making my first year as a blogger a success, and I look forward to bringing you more news, opinions, and lists in 2020. Happy New Year!.

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