Frozen II- Release Date- Nov22

‘Elsa’ is Back, Much Anticipated Frozen II is in the Forecast. The plot revolves around  two sisters  and their sweet relationship  is surrounded by the mischievous Frosty Character ‘Olaf’. The Much awaited sequel is nothing less thrilling and the Adventure and Imagination never ends……… Enjoy this holiday, with your family together by grabbing the deal below.

Jumanji- The next Level – Release Date-  Dec13

The original was one of my favorite childhood movies and was released in 1995.  The adventure and the fear seemed so real and kept me on my toes for a long time. But what has the fourth one in this Jumanji franchise sequel got to offer, i bet it would outperform the previous one and we will never get tired of the awesome pair of Rock and K.Hart in this hilarious action movie. So click below for the hot deals on this.

Cats – Release Date- Dec20

Why should you be excited:  The movie is a famous anticipation of Andrew Loyd musical and yeah its getting a total make over. Should we expect to see some Killer Cat moves or  will it be dominated by animation? Though time can tell, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fact that our adorable singer T. Swift can be seen wearing some mittens and cat paws in this movie…. Please check killer deal that can accompany you on this movie.

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