Thanksgiving is here ..Tips for hosting and Decor Ideas

It’s that time of the year again and you are a nervous host or an adventurous one rather trying to make the last-minute shopping and decorations done in place to be the host of the year! As much as I can say that you are out there trying to do things on budget and have a great time with your family and friends, its important to know that it shouldn’t be a herculean task to redecorate your house for this special day.

It’s a great festive occasion with lots of excitement for this gathering and you want to make sure whether it is food, or entertainment or décor there is that ambience for your family and friends and thereby ultimately can have a great time. The kitchen and the dining table will be the heart of the house where much of the stuff will be happening and you want all that to be part of not just good but great memories.

The front door and the porch should be giving a warm and welcoming feel for all your guests and you can think of various ornaments to adorn your door and the porch of your house. The decors can blend in well with season. If you want to go extreme you can think of ornaments that light up at night.

The favorite color of the season and the occasion is orange and pumpkin is the common one on the bucket list.

What about interior décor, how about some centrepieces, wall décor, candles, plush pillows and throws and some show pieces.  Photo frames is my favorite one as it can be used to show your memories with a new one every year. If you have kids I believe it would serve as a great reminder that you can’t freeze time.

Some of us have small gatherings whereas there could be others that may have a big gathering. But my goal is to showcase some ideas where you can meet the best of both with easy to do décors and settings.

So are you ready to get started to add that elegant and custom touch to your sweet abode?

And as always please feel free to comment on my ideas. And also don’t forget to check out some of the amazing and awesome deals at the end of this post….

Still nervous, here is the last minute thanksgiving checklist planner……

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